• Draft: 11′
  • Beam: 23′
  • Rig Height: 94′
  • Freeboard: 3′
  • Sail Area: 7000 square feet
  • Tons: 85


While the Shenandoah is not a replica, the vessel’s design bears a strong resemblance to that of the US Revenue Cutter Joe Lane of 1851. For her first 25 years, the rakish square topsail schooner was painted white, but she now wears the black and white checkerboard paint scheme of the 19th century Revenue Service. She is the only non-auxiliary power square-rigged vessel operating under the American Flag. Her hull form and rig, anchors, and all materials of construction adhere closely to mid-19th century practice. Every summer Shenandoah plies the waters of southern New England visiting the haunts of pirates and the homeports of whaling ships. Shenandoah runs 6-day sailing trips for kids ages 9-16 from mid June through mid September. She is also available for day sailing and private charter.


  • USCG Certification: Passenger Vessel (Subchapter T)
  • Who Sails: Elementary School, Middle School, High School, College, Other: private charters available
  • Program Type: Private Charters
  • Normal Cruising Waters – Winter: Southern New England
  • Sailing Season: June to September
  • Number of Crew: 9
  • Name of Contact: Captain Robert Douglas