• Draft: 7′
  • Beam: 17′
  • Rig Height: 64′
  • Sail Area: 2,019
  • Hull: Wood

Organization: Historic St. Mary’s City Commission


Maryland Dove is Historic St. Mary’s City’s floating ambassador and one of its most popular exhibits. The ship design is based on the original Dove, a 17th century trading ship that sailed to the Maryland colony with Ark in 1634. Dove was a small ship used in shallow waterways along the coast while the first colony and capital were being established.

Construction began June 1, 2019, and launched in August, 2022. All work was done in full public view, allowing the public to experience every stage of the project.

At Historic St. Mary’s City waterfront, visitors can climb onboard Maryland Dove, chat with the ship’s crew, and learn the hardships and benefits of life aboard a trading vessel. Discover how sailors navigated by the stars, what they ate during a long voyage, and how the concepts of colonization affected the land, people, and culture in the region.

Maryland Dove is owned by the state of Maryland and operated and maintained by the Historic St. Mary’s City Commission.