Values Statement

We believe in the overarching value of being good shipmates. We believe that when we treat each other with dignity and respect people can exist, thrive, and bring much more to the fleet, our mission, and the missions of our member organizations. Our behavior and practices are grounded and guided by these core values:

Respect for Everyone, our similarities and our differences of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age and ability; and we are active participants in the fight against systemic racism, bias and discrimination.

Leading by Example, conducting ourselves internally and externally as though we are always representing the fleet and holding ourselves and others responsible and accountable when we do not. Our behavior reflects who we are no matter where we are.

Physical and Psychological Safety to be a model for everyone who comes aboard and to ensure our own individual and collective safety as well as our participants safety in our community while encouraging learning, growth, and positive change.

Creating a Community where all people feel welcome and their voices are heard at all levels across the fleet, at Tall Ships America and within our member organizations’ ship- and shore-based crews.


Code of Member Conduct

Tall Ships America is committed to eradicating discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin, ability, marital status, or political affiliation. (Read the Tall Ships America Commitment Statement here.) Tall Ships America members, individual and organizational, in the practice of their profession, are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects and aligns with the values of Tall Ships America. We are committed to representing these values with our words and actions.  Members are expected to maintain a professional work-place atmosphere free from all forms of harassment, exploitation, or intimidation. Members should not allow personal relationships to compromise the proper execution of their responsibilities and duties.

We assume people join our organization and our member organizations with the best intentions – and we assume nothing else. We recognize that measures to ensure the safety of our participants include shipboard crew and shoreside employees. We are committed to facilitating productive and enjoyable environments across the fleet and our members’ programs. We ask our members to be committed to creating a safe and respectful space for all to get the most out of shared experiences. Any and all community participation and engagement will include respectful language, considerate behavior, and constructive feedback.