Submit a Response to an RFP: Host Port Partnership for Tall Ship Port Events


Tall Ships America represents the fleet of traditionally rigged tall ships and sail training vessels dedicated to Adventure and Education Under Sail®. Our members engage in formal education programs primarily focused on science, math and history; workforce development primarily focused on maritime skills and certifications; and building leaders of character through communications, teamwork, problem solving, responsibility and accountability.

Since 2001, Tall Ships America musters a fleet of tall ships from around the world to port cities around America to celebrate the role of traditional sail in American history and highlight the current relevance of the tall ships in maritime workforce development, employability and building leaders of character. Working with local port partners, we coordinate and facilitate events that feature tall ships at the dock, sail training activities onboard alongside local maritime heritage and waterfront activities. These events are highly visible opportunities for the ships to showcase their programs of education, workforce development and cultural exchange as they welcome thousands of people onboard.

Tall Ship Port Events: Objectives

Some years the port events include a TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Series of tall ship races between ports that follow international race guidelines and celebrate safe and effective ship operations of professional, volunteer and trainee crew as they sail from port-to-port.

Every host port has unique requirements and varied experience with hosting large vessels at the dock and every waterfront has its own maritime heritage. Tall Ships America provides quality standards and a wealth of expertise to enhance the safety and success of a tall ship port event. Together, the partnership creates an opportunity to celebrate an international tall ship fleet on a local stage. The responses in this Request for Proposal provide the information necessary to initiate a Host Port Partnership and schedule a tall ship port event in the context of a Series or as a standalone event.

Please take the time to fill out the form below so we can better assist you. Once your form has been reviewed, we will contact you for additional information.  If you would prefer to email a document, the below information is required as part of the submission. Sample documents to include are: Event site details (map or diagram), current soundings at docking location, channel approach and/or harbor, and budget. Email to