Chris Nolan is a captain with Sea Education Association, having sailed with SEA for over 7 years, and is also the owner/operator of Practical Navigator Training, which is an approved maritime training provider.  Chris lives in Washington D.C. and enjoys teaching about navigation and seamanship, and currently works primarily in the online education space; he is also a Coast Guard reserve officer at the National Maritime Center.  Mentees interested in original Coast Guard licensing, celestial navigation, oceanography, and license upgrades are best suited to working with Chris.
Captain Jonathan Kabak is an internationally recognized expert on maritime training and education under sail. Originally hailing from New York City, Jonathan’s maritime career began in the Sea Scouts and aboard the ships of the South Street Seaport Museum. Over the course of his career he has sailed in command of vessels ranging from landmark tall ships to high performance racing sailboats, maritime academy training vessels to luxury motor yachts. When not involved in vessel operations, he is sought after as an instructor and curriculum developer, specializing in STCW and Coast Guard approved training for commercial mariners, and as well as teaching at US and World Sailing Safety at Sea Seminars.
Sarah enjoyed a full career sailing as crew on tall ships, including on the East and West Coasts, Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, US Virgin Islands, and abroad. Sarah worked as an educator, deckhand, mate, and captain in the industry. Sarah has a 1600 Ton Ocean Masters license w/ Aux. Sail and STCW and a masters degree in Education. She is now raising a family in Southern California and works as Waterfront Campus Director at Orange Coast College.
Originally hailing from Erie, Pennsylvania, Jamie Trost has been Captain of more than 12 tall ships on the East, West, and Great Lakes coasts. Throughout his career he has encouraged crew development and advancement. He is currently captain of the Schooner Manitou, out of Traverse City Michigan.
Capt Jen Haddock is currently an assistant professor in the Marine Transportation Department at Maine Maritime Academy.  Before returning to Maine she was the Port Captain  and faculty captain at Sea Education Association in Woods Hole Ma, spending time with their vessels and crew in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, South Pacific and New Zealand.  Jen was responsible for working with regulatory agencies, crewing hiring and ships logistics. She also worked for School for Field Studies as the Safety Director and Hurricane Island Outward Bound as an instructor and program director. When Jen isn’t out on the water teaching she is messing around on other boats including her paddle board.