We all strive to create meaningful programs that inspire passengers, students, crew, and students alike. But expressing the true magic of what we do is difficult, especially in writing, because words are crude tools and inspiration is a complex and layered set of mental and emotional reactions. Mission, vision, and value statements may articulate what we do, but fall short of capturing the way participants will feel once they’ve experienced what we have on offer. This session will challenge attendees to flip the lens on their operations and explore a framework that starts from the viewpoint of an individual participant: What do your trainees, passengers, students, and/or crew gain from your program? What makes them come back for more? In a world where the pandemic recalibrated the quest for meaning, is it enough?

The first part of this workshop session will focus on exploring different ways to construct and communicate the onboard experience to attract and retain participants and crew. The second part will offer guidance on implementing revised visions.

This session is for anyone who wants to more clearly articulate a core message – for their organization, or for themselves. Bring your organization or personal mission statement to create a tangible takeaway to build on.