• Posted By: Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island Inc.
  • Category: Deck: Licensed
  • Seasonality: Seasonal
  • Homeport(s): Newport
  • Job Description:

    Job Description: Mate SSV OLIVER HAZARD PERRY

    Reports to: Chief Mate (Operations) and Educational Programs Manager (Program)

    Mates aboard the SSV OLIVER HAZARD PERRY are responsible for providing direct oversight of Deck Crew and Participants in the operations of the ship through Bridge watch standing, vessel maintenance, and delivery of OHPRI’s educational programming. Individuals serving as Mates aboard should expect to work outdoors, aloft, in both daytime and night. All crew members aboard the OHP are also expected to become familiar with basic engine room procedures and if desired can elect to train as a member of the Engine Department. This seasonal position may lead to full time employment.

    Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to attention Holly Buresh, Educational Programs Manager

  • Qualifications/Experience:

    Minimum Qualifications:

    USCG MMC as Mate Near Coastal of 200GRT (500GRT and Ocean Licenses Preferred)

    USCG MMC as Able Seaman Sail (or willingness to attain credential)

    Three years of experience on traditional sailing vessels

    Ability to pass a background check and pre-employment drug test

  • Compensation: $800 to $1,250 Weekly
  • Benefits:

    Professional development funding including STCW and license upgrades.

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