Tall Ships America presents many opportunities for you to be involved in events, engage with membership, and support sail training and the tall ship community. We showcase your products and services to a wide range of customers through industry presence and high profile, well-attended events. Your participation is an investment in the future of sail training and tall ships and aligns your brand with the ships, programs, people and high impact of traditional sail.

TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Series Sponsor: As a sponsor of the annual TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE® Series, you will be visible on an international platform and be able to engage with people of all ages in local communities.

Annual Conference Sponsor or Exhibitor: As a sponsor or exhibitor at the Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships, your products and services will be visible to the people and organizations who create the environment and offer the programs where people learn through the experience of sailing aboard traditional sailing vessels.

Sail Tall Ships! Directory Sponsor: Your sponsorship provides visibility of your brand in the only comprehensive directory of the Tall Ships America vessels and programs engaged in Adventure and Education Under Sail®.

Tall Ships America Sponsor: As a sponsor of corporate activities, you will extend the reach and impact of your brand by partnering with the fastest growing membership body for tall ships and sail training in the world.




Tall Ships America takes the time to carefully seek out and select partners for purposes that are relevant to members. We aim to create value by representing the needs and requirements of our unique community. Partnership with Tall Ships America creates connections with our strong membership who already have an affinity, interest, and need for what our Partners offer.

Find out more below or by emailing direct to Manager@TallShipsAmerica.org.