Get involved and become a conference committee member!

Conference Planning Committee is responsible for the successful design and implementation of an annual professional development conference. This is a two–year commitment to cover the immediate conference and the following year. You must be a current Tall Ships America member to be on the committee. Not a member? Become one today! 

Charge of the Conference Committee

  1. Inform the membership of the date, time, location, and expense of the annual conference and promote attendance
  2. Develop an agenda for the annual conference and crew resource days that is timely, promotes dialogue, and enhances the knowledge of the membership.
  3. Secure presenters, moderators, facilities and equipment necessary to support general meetings and training sessions for the conference and crew resource days.
  4. Direct the activities of the conference while at the event. Moderate and facilitate sessions and workshops as needed.

The Conference Committee is composed of a number of sub-committees appointed to carry out specific functions related to the organization of the annual Conference. All sub-committee activities should be coordinated in consultation with the Conference Committee Chair.

Committee Meetings

  1. The Conference Chair and Sub-Committees normally meet on a bi-monthly basis throughout the year preceding the conference or as needed to accomplish planning and confirm arrangements.
  2. Sub-Committees meet at the discretion of the subcommittee chair, as necessary to accomplish planning and confirm arrangements.

Time Commitment

In exchange for registration, committee members are expected to attend at least one general meeting and one sub-committee meeting per month. They will be required to propose sessions, secure speakers, and facilitate or lead sessions. They are also expected to attend the conference in person.

Committees – Primary Focus for each of the committees includes but is not limited to:

Crew Committee – Professional development, career management, certifications and credentialing

Social Committee – Organize appropriate entertainment and determine locations and other requirements of social events.

Administration/HR – Fundraising, Development, Board Management, Donor relations, Human Resources (shoreside)

Marketing and Promotions – Content creation, social media, sponsor development, event management

Ship operations – onboard operations and safety, Bridge Resource Management

Education – onboard and shoreside initiatives, history, alternative programming.

Call for Committee Members
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